• Is Your Restaurant in Need of a Happy Hour?

    Happy hour is a marketing technique used by many restaurants and bars to bring in more patrons and liven up the establishment for better sales and a pleasant atmosphere. Happy hour marketing efforts have been around since themid-19th century, and the end goal is the same: to bring quality food and drink to patrons at a great price. Not every restaurant or bar offers this feature, but happy hour is branching out beyond classic bars and sit-down eateries; fast food establishments often pick up their own versions of happy hour to bring in a greater amount of customers during their slow hours.
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  • How You Can Turn Private Dining Into a Real Event

    Private dining gives you the perfect opportunity to serve a delicious meal to a group of friends or family members. You can invite a chef or caterer to your home, restaurant, or event center for a good time. Do you want to turn a private dining experience into a true event, even if you are inviting only a few people? These tips will provide you with a truly exquisite experience.
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