5 Caribbean Cocktails To Enjoy With Your Caribbean Food

Posted on: 13 October 2021

When you go out for a Caribbean meal, you want to ensure that you sample the entire cuisine. You will want to pair that jerk chicken with a delicious drink that is made to complement it. Here are some cocktails you should try the nice time you sit down to a delicious Caribbean meal.

Cocktail #1: St. Lucian Rum Punch

One of the first types of cocktails you should try is the St. Lucian rum punch, which is from the island of Saint Lucia. This rum punch has a more bright and beautiful coloring than a traditional rum punch. It tastes best when made from local St. Lucian rum, with grenadine added to create a beautiful tropical drink. Add a little pineapple or orange to garnish the drink and add a little extra flavor.

Cocktail #2: Blue Lagoon 

The next drink you have to try is the blue lagoon from the island of Curacao. The island has beautiful blue waters, which are reflected in this stunning blue drink. It contains vodka, blue curacao, and lemonade. It is usually garnished with an orange and a cherry. It has a stunning blue look and is a refreshing lemonade that is designed to enjoy on the hot days of summer.

Cocktail #3: Calabash Cocktail

The calabash cocktail is from the island of Grenada, and this drink is all about enjoying rum that is straight from the islands of Grenada, which makes it so good. When made properly, it should include some Caribbean white rum and blue curacao. For the flavoring, nutmeg syrup, lime juice, and grated nutmeg are added in, along with some caster sugar. This drink is designed to have a beautiful color, as well as a beautiful flavor as well. It is all about presentation and taste.

Cocktail #4: Antigua Smile

The Antiqua smile is inspired by the islands of Antiqua and Barbuda, which are two beautiful islands. This drink has dark rum in it instead of white rum. It also contains crème de banana, pineapple juice, and sour mix. It contains mango for a little extra flavor.

Cocktail #5: Painkiller

Finally, you should try the Painkiller from the British Virgin Island; this drink is about having fun and enjoying a good drink. It contains rum, pineapple juice, coconut, and orange juice. It is all about the local fruit flavors, and it is designed to taste like tropical fruit juice.

When it comes to enjoying a cocktail with your Caribbean food, you will enjoy a bright and colorful drink that will engage your senses and enhance your drinking and dining experience.

Check out a local Caribbean restaurant to see if they offer cocktails like these.