"Alternative" Pizzas Your Restaurant Should Consider Offering

Posted on: 22 December 2021

People love pizza. If you own a pizza restaurant, you know this. It can seem like there's no end to the number of customers who come in, order, and enjoy your cheesy pies. But here's the thing: if you're only serving classic pizza with wheat crust, red sauce, and cheese, you're only capturing part of the market. Adding one or more of these alternative pizzas to your menu will only help draw in more customers.

1. Vegan Pizza

Vegan and plant-based diets are becoming more popular. It's not as hard to make vegan pizzas as you might think. Pizza dough is generally vegan already as long as your recipe does not call for any butter, and most don't. Red sauce is generally vegan, too. So, all you really need is vegan cheese. There are several delicious, shredded, vegan cheeses on the market. You can then offer toppings you already have in your selection, such as olives, onions, mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, and sliced tomatoes. Invest in some vegan sausage if you really want to impress your customers!

2. Gluten-free Pizza

Gluten-free diets are becoming more popular, too. Some people have true gluten sensitivities like celiac disease, meaning that they become ill if they do eat gluten. Others simply prefer to avoid gluten because it makes them feel better or helps them maintain their weight. It's hard to make a gluten-free pizza suitable for those with celiac disease since the dough could become contaminated with traces of wheat from your ordinary dough. But you can still make pizza with a gluten-free crust that's suitable for most people who don't eat gluten. There are oat flour-based crust recipes that work well. You could also make the crust using rice flour.

3. White Pizza

This one is a little simpler. Instead of making all of your pizzas with red sauce, give customers the option of ordering white pizzas, which are topped only with garlic, olive oil, cheese, and their preferred toppings. This will appeal to anyone who doesn't like a red sauce for any reason, including those who get heartburn when they eat it and those who find tomato products to be too high in sugar.

If you want to compete in the pizza industry, you have to keep things fresh and interesting! Including one or more of these alternative pizzas on your menu will help you satisfy a wider range of customers, and it will also give existing customers some new things to try. 

For more information on different types of pizza, contact a restaurant near you.