Seafood Leftovers Make Healthy Morning Breakfasts

Posted on: 30 June 2015

Not very many people visit seafood restaurants for breakfast. Still, seafood is perfect for a health-conscious breakfast. Those trying to lose weight or acquire helpful vitamins and nutrients will find seafood breakfasts very helpful. Salmon delivers Omega-3 fatty acids, and flounder contains significant amounts of protein. If you order dinner at a seafood restaurant and bring home leftovers, don't just wait until the afternoon to heat yesterday's meal. Leftover seafood from restaurants, like The Turtle Club, can be added to the pan to boost nutritional value. Here are a few easy breakfasts you can make by mixing eggs up with the seafaring selections.

Simple Seafood Works Best

Baked or broiled seafood is not only healthier for you, but the lack of oil, creams, and cheeses allows for more easily turning last night's dinner into tomorrow morning's breakfast. Pick-and-peel shrimp, steamed clams, baked salmon, and broiled flounder are perfect selections for breakfast. Just take them right out of a cold refrigerator and they are ready to use.

The Skillet Option

Yes, there are a lot of exotic seafood breakfast recipes available.  But for someone who is not a skilled chef, simply heating up a pan, mixing in three eggs, and adding leftover seafood entrees is the way to go.

Here's a basic skillet recipe: Put the scrambled eggs in the pan with the leftovers at a low heat. Cover them with a lid for a minute or two. Then, take the lid off, turn up the heat, and start mixing up the eggs and fish with a spatula. As soon as the eggs are cooked to your preference, breakfast is ready.

The Microwave Option

With limited time in the morning, busy people might not be enamored with the idea of cooking anything on the stove. A quicker option is to microwave the eggs and leftovers. Apply non-fat, no-stick cooking spray to a bowl. Add in two scrambled raw eggs. Let them cook for about one minute. Then, add in the seafood leftovers to the half-cooked eggs. Mix everything up with a spoon if you wish. Heat in the microwave for another 30 seconds to a minute or until the eggs are fully cooked.

Do not mix up the seafood with the raw eggs at the beginning. Your fish would end up over-cooked and dried out. Remember, the eggs are raw and your leftovers are not.

The Paleo Pancake Option

This one might be a little exotic, but bodybuilders and fitness fanatics may want to give it a try. Making Paleo banana pancakes entails mixing up eggs, bananas, and a tiny bit of coconut in a blender. The mix is then cooked on a grill in the same way as regular pancakes, but without the flour or processed ingredients. Sure, fish-packed Paleo pancakes is an acquired taste, but nutritionally, they are worth a try.