• 4 Ways To Enjoy Pizza Delivery While Social Distancing

    The way we handle deliveries and interactions has dramatically changed since the start of the COIVD-19 pandemic. With a little extra planning, you can enjoy your pizza deliveries while still maintaining proper social distance guidelines. Use our guide to learn four ways to properly social distance while still partaking in your favorite pizza delivery. 1. Pizza Drop-Off Zones A pizza box cannot exactly fit in your mailbox, so the delivery person needs an ideal location to put the pizza.
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  • Save Room For These Desserts At The Conclusion Of Your Mexican Restaurant Experience

    When you visit a Mexican eatery, you've almost certainly got some appetizers and main courses in mind long before you open the menu. For example, you might be craving some chips and salsa to get your meal started and then plan on digging into a large helping of enchiladas or a hefty burrito. Mexican desserts might not be something to which you've given much thought in the past — perhaps because you're frequently stuffed by the time you finish your main course.
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  • How To Draw A Big Crowd To Your Sports Bar For The Next Game

    If you own a sports bar, then you probably depend on big games to bring in an abundance of customers. If the big game comes around and only 10 people wander in, you'll have wasted money on staffing and supplies. So how do you make sure the bar is packed during the next big game? Start by following these strategies.  1. Advertise heavily on social media. Where do people go when it comes time to make plans with their friends for the big game?
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