The Three Basic Points of Planning a Business Banquet

Posted on: 30 June 2015

Many people believe that planning a business banquet is simply a matter of hiring a catering company and renting an appropriate space, but throwing a successful business function is slightly more complex. Professional catering companies can provide fabulous food and beverage options, and most communities feature numerous banquet facility options, but several nuances exist that require the personalized touch of someone familiar with the specific corporate culture of the company in question, which is why companies usually appoint someone to act an an overseer for the event. If that person is you, you're undoubtedly a bit nervous at the prospect of having the responsibility of pulling off a business banquet, particularly if it's your first time. Follow these three basic strategies designed to make any banquet a success.

Go with the Professionals

This isn't the time to experiment with amateur catering options. You may be tempted, for instance, to go with your cousin's boyfriend's roommate who's an amazing chef and would be glad to handle the food and beverage side of things, but hire an established caterer instead. You shouldn't have to provide an explanation for your decision, but if you're pressured, simply explain that it wouldn't look good to hire a caterer who has associations with your family members.

Do Some Sleuthing on Food Preferences

If the president of your company is a vegetarian, you don't want prime rib and glazed ham to be the featured entrees at your banquet. Discreetly research the eating habits of the higher-ups and take your menu cue from the results. For instance, pay attention to what they eat at other company events, and if that's not possible, ask their assistant for suggestions. It's all right to provide an alternative to vegetarian entrees and appetizers to accommodate those who do not eat meat, but the majority of the fare should reflect the tastes and preferences of the company's key players.

Make Provisions for Transportation If Alcohol Is in the Picture

If pre-dinner cocktails and wine with dinner will be served, make provisions for transportation for those who intend on indulging. To avoid sticky situations and having to make potentially embarrassing judgement calls about who's not fit to drive after partaking of adult beverages, simply hire a party bus or a limo and make it a blanket rule that anyone who drinks alcohol at the event must use this service unless accompanied by a designated driver. No matter who's fault it is, any type of alcohol-related mishap on the roads will reflect badly on your company and has the potential to damage your career. If you have reason to believe there will be significant resistance to using the provided transportation, strongly consider making the event alcohol-free.

The rest of the banquet will fall into place once the above three strategies are implemented. Talk to a banquet center to get started.