Two Tips To Keep Your Walk-In Freezer Functioning Properly

Posted on: 30 June 2015

As a food service business, your walk-in freezer plays a critical role in the overall operation of your business. Walk-in freezers keep your food investment safe and ensure you stay within the guidelines concerning safe food storage. For this reason, properly maintaining your walk-in freezer is imperative. Here are two tips to assist you with keeping your walk-in freezer functional.

Inspect the Suction Line

Make it a point to frequently inspect your freezer for signs of decay. This is particularly important around the suction lines that run between the evaporator coils and condensing units. Decay in this area can sometimes be an indication that the pressure controls are not operating correctly. However, the reason checking for decay is so important is that damage in the suction line can have an effect on the temperature inside the freezer.

When the temperatures inside the freezer fluctuates, this can quickly cause the food inside the freezer to drop to unsafe temperature levels, causing it to spoil. Additionally, if you are unaware of this problem and you have a health inspection, the inspector could give you a citation because of an incorrect freezer temperature. Make it a point to check this area at least once a month for the best results.  

Store Highly Acidic Foods Appropriately

When it comes to highly acidic foods there is a right and wrong way to store these foods away in a freezer. Failing to remember this piece of information can cause damage. Foods with high acidity levels, such as pickles and tomatoes, should be stored in a sealed container made from a plastic material. When acidic foods are not stored within the freezer correctly, they can emit acids into the air. The acid then interacts with the metal surfaces within the freezer, causing corrosion.

Corrosion doesn't just lead to costly repairs, but it also releases toxins that can be dangerous for the food. It might be helpful to affix a small note next to the freezer door to remind your staff to always consider what type of food they are storing away before placing it in the freezer. You could also assign the closing team with the task of inspecting the freezer for proper food storage at the end of the day.

While service professionals play an important role, it's equally important for you to play a role in keeping your walk-in freezer in good condition. Always keep proper care of your equipment a priority. For more information about commercial freezers, contact a professional like Hy-Point Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Inc.