American Food With A Mexican Flair: A Twist On "Americanized" Mexican Dishes

Posted on: 1 July 2015

Mexican meals with an American twist are very popular; people often refer to these foods as "Americanized" Mexican dishes. They tend to include types of spices, cheese and meat more characteristic of American food—and in amounts more characteristic as well. These are fusion foods, in which two or more cultures are represented in one recipe.

For a change of pace, try Mexican-style fusion food that takes a different direction. American favorites with a Mexican flair can be found in many Mexican restaurants (like El Dorado Mexican Restaurant). 

Foods to Try


With so much of Mexico on a coastline, it's natural that fish, shrimp and other seafood dishes are prevalent in this cuisine. U.S. residents are becoming increasingly acquainted with dishes such as fish tacos and seafood enchiladas. Try a seafood meal you would order in an American restaurant, only done in a Mexican style. 

Tuna steak is often featured on Mexican restaurant menus. Chefs grill or broil it topped with Mexican spices and may serve it with avocado, caramelized onions and red peppers. If you can find a Mexican restaurant with lake perch or walleye on the menu, be sure to give that a try to experience it cooked with south-of-the-border panache. 


Macaroni and cheese, the classic American favorite, gets a new twist when cooked in a Mexican style. You may envision this dish containing tomatoes or salsa -- and perhaps some bell peppers—but there are added surprises. Corn makes a delicious addition, and the recipe may include black olives. Don't expect the usual cheese concoctions—a Mexican cheese blend makes this recipe quite different from the usual. 

Some versions have jalapeno peppers, but you can ask the chef to leave those out. That's probably for the best if the kids want to try this dish.

Rice Dishes

Mexican stuffed bell peppers replace the tomato sauce with salsa and the ground beef with shredded beef or chicken. It may be surprising to discover that the chef uses white rice instead of Spanish rice, but this chef has likely added hints of lime and cilantro.  

Although green bell peppers are traditional for this meal, you may be pleased to taste the dish with yellow or red bell peppers for a definitive difference. 

Continental Meat Dishes

Standard American meat dishes gain an intriguing new flavor when done in a Mexican style. For example, try some luscious pork chops or ribs seasoned with cayenne pepper and garlic, and cooked with onions and black beans. 

Enjoy the Taste Sensations

The next time you go to a Mexican restaurant, ask the server or the chef for a meal they consider to be a fusion-style dish that adds Mexican touches to standard American dishes. Then enjoy your new experiences as you're introduced to some wonderfully different food and spice combinations.