Seafood Restaurants Guidance For First Dates

Posted on: 18 April 2016

You just landed your dream date to a seafood restaurant, but you have also just realized that you have never eaten seafood in an upscale environment. This is not a reason to cancel your date or change your plans to a different type of restaurant. Dining at a restaurant that serves seafood as its primary option is not as intimidating as it may seem. The following points can help to make your date and dining experience more enjoyable and predictable. 

Use the weather to guide your menu selections.

If you are going to be dining during the cold season, consider  having chowder as an entree or side dish. Chowders are warm and filling. If you have never had one before, think of soup. Chowders may be milk or tomato-based, and your preferred soup base is the best guidance to use when it comes to chowder selection. 

Salads are an excellent menu option for warmer weather. Opting for a grilled or baked piece of fish on the side is a light menu option, and both options complement each other well. Steamed shellfish is also a good option.

Choose dishes with familiar ingredients.

You may be tempted to try a new dish on a date. However, you should keep in mind that certain seafood requires special techniques to consume. For example, crab legs will likely require expertise at cracking the legs and removing the delicate meat. Some establishments may offer complimentary removal of the meaty portion of certain shellfish. You could also opt for an easier option such as shrimp, which are easy to peel. 

Know your low-calorie options if dieting.

Seafood is considered an ideal source of protein in comparison to red meat and other fatty meats. If you are on a low-calorie diet, look for low-cal options on the menu. If there are not any listed, opt for green salads. The location you choose may also have a raw bar. Shellfish such as oysters, mussels, shrimp cocktail and clams can be found on these chilled bars. Your location may also feature a sushi bar. 

A seafood restaurant manager, such as at Tin Top Restaurant & Oyster Bar, is a good resource to use for planning a memorable evening at the location you are interested in. They can help you tailor your plans around your prior dining experiences. If you are the one planning the evening, it might be beneficial to inquire about a tasting session to ensure that everything flows well and you can recommend ideal dishes to your date. If you are the person being asked out, visiting the location in advance to sample the menu will aid in ensuring that you appear a natural seafood connoisseur.