How To Draw A Big Crowd To Your Sports Bar For The Next Game

Posted on: 30 March 2020

If you own a sports bar, then you probably depend on big games to bring in an abundance of customers. If the big game comes around and only 10 people wander in, you'll have wasted money on staffing and supplies. So how do you make sure the bar is packed during the next big game? Start by following these strategies. 

1. Advertise heavily on social media.

Where do people go when it comes time to make plans with their friends for the big game? Social media. If you want them to come across your bar and decide to go there for the game, then you need a big social media presence. This is a time when it's worth it to pay to boost a post. Post daily about your specials, and include photos in each of your posts to draw people in. Ask your regulars to share your posts so that they reach a wider audience. You can advertise on TV and on a sign, too, but social media needs to be the backbone of your marketing efforts these days.

2. Offer a pay-one-price special.

People who go out for the big game are often worried about costs. They are concerned they might drink a little too much and end up spending more than they planned to spend. You can help reassure them by offering a pay-one-price special on game day. For instance, you could charge $30 for endless domestic drafts and 10 chicken wings. Knowing that they won't overpay can make customers feel more comfortable choosing your sports bar over others.

3. Initiate some type of game or entertainment.

Customers often like sports bars where the atmosphere feels more like a big party. You can make the experience more unifying and party-like by devising some sort of entertainment strategy. Have a "most spirited fan" contest in which people are judged on their creative attire. Challenge people to write their own game day cheers, and then engage the rest of the bar in chanting those cheers whenever the favored team scores. Get creative!

4. Make sure the space is appealing for large groups.

Game day is a time when customers tend to arrive in large groups. Even if they come in a smaller group, they will soon be socializing with the other customers as everyone watches the game. Make sure your space is set up for this. Push tables back so you have a larger standing area. Move seats away from the bar so customers don't sit and block the bar. Set up a few large tables, rather than smaller ones.

With the tips above, you can make your sports bar a game-day destination. Before long, you'll be turning people away at the door!