Save Room For These Desserts At The Conclusion Of Your Mexican Restaurant Experience

Posted on: 9 June 2020

When you visit a Mexican eatery, you've almost certainly got some appetizers and main courses in mind long before you open the menu. For example, you might be craving some chips and salsa to get your meal started and then plan on digging into a large helping of enchiladas or a hefty burrito. Mexican desserts might not be something to which you've given much thought in the past — perhaps because you're frequently stuffed by the time you finish your main course. During your next Mexican restaurant dining experience, make a point of saving some room for dessert. Here are some options that might be on the menu.

Mexican Brownies

You've probably eaten brownies in your life, but it's possible that you have yet to experience a Mexican brownie. Fortunately, you can change that during your next restaurant outing. The distinguishing trait to Mexican brownies is that they typically have some spicy notes to them — much like many other Mexican dishes. For example, the mixture may include cayenne pepper or ancho pepper, both of which can add some sweet and often smoky heat to the dish. Mexican brownies often come with a scoop of ice cream to help cool your mouth between bites.


Churros are similar in some ways to donuts. Both sweet treats involve fried dough, for example. The primary difference is that churros are typically long, rather than round. Churros are a popular dessert choice at virtually every Mexican eatery, and you can typically find them served in a variety of ways. Some churros are dusted with sugar, while others have chocolate sauce drizzled over them. You may also find churros that are topped with vanilla ice cream. Occasionally, you might even come across churros that are stuffed with chocolate, caramel, or another type of sweet flavor.


Another popular Mexican dessert — and one that shares some similarities with a churro — is a sopaipilla. This is a fried dough dessert that can appear in a number of ways. Often, a dessert of sopaipillas will consist of a several sopaipillas arranged on a plate, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, and then drizzled with honey. Some sopaipillas are flat, while others have more of a puffy appearance, which can make them seem light to eat. While you might have room to enjoy a number of sopaipillas on your own, this can be a perfect dessert to share with the rest of the people at your table.

Contact a local Mexican food restaurant to learn more about their dessert options.