4 Ways To Enjoy Pizza Delivery While Social Distancing

Posted on: 16 September 2020

The way we handle deliveries and interactions has dramatically changed since the start of the COIVD-19 pandemic. With a little extra planning, you can enjoy your pizza deliveries while still maintaining proper social distance guidelines.

Use our guide to learn four ways to properly social distance while still partaking in your favorite pizza delivery.

1. Pizza Drop-Off Zones

A pizza box cannot exactly fit in your mailbox, so the delivery person needs an ideal location to put the pizza. If you have a large box or plastic bin, you can set the item right next to your mail box. When you order the pizza, indicate the drop-off location on the delivery instructions.

You could even label the box with "Pizza Drop-Off" or print out the company logo to plaster on the side. When the pizza delivery shows up, the driver will drop off the pizza directly in the box, so they do not need to knock on the door or approach the house. As soon as they leave, you can retrieve your food.

2. Pizza Delivery Tips

When you order pizza, many locations will accept payments over the phone and allow you to add a tip. If you still want to tip in cash, then you have multiple options. Instead of leaving cash out in the open, you could put the money in an envelope or bag. You could leave the tip inside the mailbox and inform the delivery driver that the tip is inside the mailbox.

If you are getting pizza dropped off at the doorstep, leave the tip taped to the front door. Just ensure that you communicate with the driver so the person does not lose out on the tip.

3. Night Light Guides

If your pizza order is at night, then lights can provide a way for a driver to safely deliver the pizza. You can use small spotlight and lawn lights to showcase the exact spot you want the pizza dropped off at. For example, you could have the pizza dropped off on a front porch. When you aim the lights in a specific direction, you will create a spotlight area to place the pizza.

4. Car Trunk Option

If you have a long driveway, you can arrange for your pizza drop-off at the end of the drive-way. Reverse your car up to the end of the driveway and pop the trunk open. Have the delivery drive place the pizza inside of the trunk. You can drive back down the driveway, grab your pizza, and head into the house.

The option is easy and the driver does need to go deep into your property.

Choose a pizza delivery method that fits your comfort for social distancing and the option can become a new routine.