Tips For Making Restaurant-Quality Beef Burgers At Home

Posted on: 6 April 2022

When you go to a good burger restaurant and order a beef burger, the patty is always juicy and tender. The bun absorbs the juice, and all of the toppings seem to go together perfectly. It's such an incredible experience, but one that many people struggle to replicate at home. It is possible to make restaurant-quality beef burgers at home. Following the tips below should really help.

Buy the right beef.

If you're just buying hamburger meat at the store, that could be why your burgers are not turning out like those from a restaurant. Hamburger meat can be meat from pretty much anywhere on the animal. For the best burgers, you need to get more specific! Try looking for ground chuck and also some ground round. Mix the two together. A 50/50 mixture of chuck to round tends to work well since the chuck adds some fat and the round adds some chewiness. If you're willing to splurge, you could even work in some ground short rib, although that can be pricey. Short rib adds even more flavor to the burger, but it is not strictly necessary.

Salt the outside, only.

You can add some seasonings like garlic powder and onion to the burger meat if you really want to, but do not add any salt. If you put salt on the inside of the burger, it will draw out all of the moisture. You want to salt the outside of the patty, only, and you want to do it just before you cook the patty to avoid sucking out any more moisture than necessary. Most restaurants only put seasonings, in general, on the outside of the burger—so consider doing that too.

Turn the heat down.

One common mistake at-home cooks make when making burgers is turning the heat up too high. Yes, you want to get a nice crust on the outside of the patty, but if the heat is too high, the inside of the burger will be raw when the crust is perfect. Turn the heat to medium, at most, and let the burger cook more slowly. A crust will form, but you'll need to be more patient, and the inside of the burger should be perfect by the time that crust does form.

If you follow the tips above, your at-home burgers should be much closer to restaurant quality. When making beef burgers, it is all about selecting the right meat, then seasoning and cooking it properly.