• Two Tips To Keep Your Walk-In Freezer Functioning Properly

    As a food service business, your walk-in freezer plays a critical role in the overall operation of your business. Walk-in freezers keep your food investment safe and ensure you stay within the guidelines concerning safe food storage. For this reason, properly maintaining your walk-in freezer is imperative. Here are two tips to assist you with keeping your walk-in freezer functional. Inspect the Suction Line Make it a point to frequently inspect your freezer for signs of decay.
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  • Seafood Leftovers Make Healthy Morning Breakfasts

    Not very many people visit seafood restaurants for breakfast. Still, seafood is perfect for a health-conscious breakfast. Those trying to lose weight or acquire helpful vitamins and nutrients will find seafood breakfasts very helpful. Salmon delivers Omega-3 fatty acids, and flounder contains significant amounts of protein. If you order dinner at a seafood restaurant and bring home leftovers, don't just wait until the afternoon to heat yesterday's meal. Leftover seafood from restaurants, like The Turtle Club, can be added to the pan to boost nutritional value.
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